Environment Systems Ltd (ESL) is an environmental consultancy, working at the forefront of geographic intelligence gathering. We deliver insights, assessments and monitoring of ecosystems, biodiversity, agriculture and invasive species. We specialise in the application of earth observation technologies, taking an ecosystem approach to monitoring, baselining, mapping and characterisation and then provide expertise in the application of this evidence base to current policy and business operations.


Principal Investigator:

Jamie Williams is a Senior Environmental GIS Consultant in ESL. With an environmental science background, he has extensive environmental understanding, which he combines with excellent knowledge of GIS, statistics and modelling, allowing practical cross disciplined application of research, in either terrestrial, freshwater of marine environments. As a project manager, Jamie is heavily involved with a number of consortium based R&D projects, which Environment Systems are leading/contributing to; where he employees the skills gained through his PhD and over 10 years of management. He also often manages or contributes technical support to a number of other projects. Jamie is an associate member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, and is also actively involved in the European Citizen Science Association. He is currently leading work packages in an FP7-funded project (COBWEB) looking at the implementation and exploitation of data derived from citizen science input to monitor and report on the environment in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves across Europe.
He contributes to WP 4, 7 and 12 of Ecopotential.