Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is the largest engineering school in Portugal. The University of Lisbon (UL) to which IST belongs was recently ranked as second in the research productivity based Ibero-American ranking. IST hosts several research units being MARETEC (Marine, Environment and Technology Research Centre) the research unit that aggregates the team participating in ECOPOTENTIAL. This research unit has a large experience in applying multidisciplinary and innovative approaches to study the complexity of environmental systems in the context of sustainability and policy-making. The MOHID system - a public domain code with users worldwide - is an integrated modeling system developed at MARETEC. One of the research lines of MARETEC is oriented to further develop ecosystem services approaches that combine process based modelling with economic valuation tools.


Principal Investigator:

Tiago Domingos, M.Sc. in Physical Engineering (IST) and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (IST), is an assistant professor in Environment and Energy at IST. His main research areas are Ecological Economics and Ecological Modelling, in topics such as DEB theory for the metabolism of organisms, useful exergy and economic growth, carbon responsibility, ecosystem services, comprehensive accounting and sustainable agriculture. He is founder and CEO of Terraprima – Environmental Services, an IST Spin-off (
He is the coordinator of IST's participation in Ecopotential, with tasks in WP5 (Monitoring data), WP6 (Ecosystem modelling) and WP7 (Ecosystem services).