Terradue UK Ltd is an SME operating mainly in the geospatial and space sectors, whose offices are in Harwell (UK). Terradue UK Ltd was created in june 2011 with the objective of exploiting the growing number of opportunities in the Climate Change Initiative where the company’s products, solutions and experience can bring several benefits and allow a steady growth in the next coming years. Terradue’s core business is Grid/Cloud based distributed computing (infrastructure and platform) and distributed data discovery and access. From global environmental analysis using massive amounts of EO data, to regional land change detection with complex 3rd party algorithms, the company offers a specialist service for the management and distribution of very large spatial data sets complemented with data inventory, query and processing systems, carried out collaboratively with open source projects.

Terradue UK Ltd has its offices in the Harwell Science & Innovation Campus within the Innovations Technology Access Centre initiative supported by the STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council). The physical location of the company allows establishing partnerships and consortiums to bid on UK co-funded projects and sees the EC H2020 research & innovation and European Space Agency projects (ESA is planning to staff its Harwell with 130 staff in the coming year) as a complementary opportunity to staff the subsidiary in the Harwell Science & Innovation Campus. The proximity to universities, e.g. the University of Reading, is seen as an opportunity to identify future company staffs.


Principal Investigator:

Hervè Caumont is an Information Technology engineer with a Masters degree in Remote Sensing & Image Processing. Hervé has served the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot through a multi-year involvement, and gained a consistent experience of OGC and CEOS standards application in different thematic environments; from the Enterprise systems design and data model harmonization issues, to the applications components deployment and configuration phases, through the standards and interfaces selection, profiling and interoperability testing for evolvable, scalable system architectures. Hervé is Terradue’s Products and Solutions Program Manager, in charge of cross-projects coordination for corporate innovation and business development.
He is involved in WP3 and WP12 of Ecopotential.