The Agencia de Medio Ambiente y Agua de Andalucía (AMAA), Environment and Water Agency of Andalusia is a public agency belonging to the Regional Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Government of Andalusia (Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio), which is the public body responsible to manage the environmental issues under the competences of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (Spain): water, natural and soil conservation, forestry management, erosion control activities, forest fire prevention and control, environmental quality, drought and waste management, and environmental information. This Regional Ministry launched the Environmental Information System of Andalusia (SinambA) in 1984, and it has evolved to become the Environmental Information Network (REDIAM) that produces standardized protocols and still disseminates information on the environment in Andalusia, providing a useful tool for management, research, decision making and environmental knowledge in general. REDIAM develops and manages the Environmental Information Infrastructure of Andalusia, that integrates more than 3.600 complex data sets, 1.700 data services (under international interoperability standards) and diverse powerful tools (based on new technologies) to discover, visualize and make available and accessible all this environmental information. This infrastructure supposes an important pillar of implementation of EU directive INSPIRE in Andalusia, and has been recognized as a good practice of a “regional” Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) by European Commission. REDIAM is, besides, the main contribution of Andalusian Government to LIFEWATCH infrastructure, and is part of the JRU created to implement Lifewatch ESFRI in Spain.

In addition, more than 150 institutions (Universities, research institutes, associations, Public Bodies, companies, etc…) are associated partners of REDIAM network, under the support and coordination of Regional Government. These entities produce, use and/or disseminate the shared regional environmental information that is integrated into the information system.

REDIAM has a technical core team of 50 experts in information systems and in different environmental issues (belonging to the Environmental and Water Agency of Andalusia), who produce, analyze and manage the relevant environmental information on Andalusia, and provide support to other REDIAM partners and citizens in general.


Principal Investigator:

Antonio Ortiz-Nieto is an Agricultural Engineer by the University of Cordoba. Employee of the Environment and Water Agency of Andalusia since 2007 and part of REDIAM team since 1997. GIS expert who works on the management and development of the infrastructure concerning the environmental information included in the REDIAM as well as in the specialized node of environmental information within the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Andalucia (IDEAndalucia). Vast experience in the development and publication of Web Services according to OGC standards in order to comply with the INSPIRE Directive.
In Ecopotential, he contributes to WP5, WP6, WP7, WP8 and WP10.