ECOPOTENTIAL among the projects mentioned in the recent EU campaign #EuFactor!

#EuFactor is a project promoted by the Representation of the European Commission in Italy and the Information Office of the European Parliament in Italy. It is primarily addressed to young people, between 16 and 19 years old, who are thinking about their future university careers. The aim is to make them aware of the employment opportunities, in both the academic/research world and in the market, that exist in Europe for those who choose to pursuit science, technology and information technology.

With the goal of underlying the importance of science in addressing fundamental societal challenges and the investments by EU in these sectors, the stakeholders and the general audience are the secondary target of #EuFactor.

The main idea behind #EuFactor is to inspire young people through the stories of 5 Italian researchers who took up scientific careers at the University and now are researchers employed in different Universities or Research Centres in Italy, also involved in H2020, ERC or other programmes funded by the EU.

Through the story of Elisa Palazzi, researcher at ISAC-CNR working on ECOPOTENTIAL, ECOPOTENTIAL is part of #EuFactor, too!


Sketches from Elisa’s Draw Life, a video created to present her life and career shown for the first time at the Launch event of #EuFactor during the International Journalism Festival held in Perugia (Italy) in April 2016. The full video (in Italian):


#EuFactor at the “Salone Internazionale del Libro”, May 2016, Torino (in Italian).

Stay tuned with the other planned #EuFactor events! Keep track on the web page and follow #EuFactor in the main social networks!

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