ECOPOTENTIAL/SWOS stand at the European Ecosystem Services Conference

On the 19th  - 23rd of September the European conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership took place in Antwerpen and ECOPOTENTIAL partners participated with multiple session with presentations (for more information visit, where also abstracts and presentations have been made available on line).

In addition on the 20th of September, partners of ECOPOTENTIAL and SWOS worked together to organize a stand and the information market of the conference. We were nicely situated just opposite the stand of the European commission. A stand which, thanks to our communication team, also had an ECOPOTENTIAL banner, forming an ECOPOTENTIAL corridor towards the coffee place, a very strategic placement. There was a lot of interest in remote sensing derived indicators to help inform decisions makers and management of protected areas, many flyers were handed and a video of our protected areas were visible in a looped video.

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