ECOPOTENTIAL @Climate Europe Festival in Valencia

ECOPOTENTIAL has been presented by Ioannis Manakos at the Climateurope Festival 2017 that took place in Valencia on April 4-6. The festival offered a varied 2½ day programme of lectures, discussions, networking and performances to explore the state-of-the-art of climate information, and its uses and value in decision-making at both the European and national levels. A key Festival objective has been to discuss the advantages and challenges that climate services face with the water sector, natural reserve, and agriculture and food security.

Scientists, climate services suppliers and users’ communities came together to share their experience and knowledge. The festival aimed to create new, and to engage existing, networks that support climate services at the European and national levels. A large part of the discussion of the Festival has been about Copernicus services for climate change, the uncertainties connected and the need to find users and space for market opportunities.
Ioannis Manakos from CERTH presented ECOPOTENTIAL objectives, work and relation with climate change data and services at the market place exhibition with a dedicated stand, relative poster, leaflets and animations, for an audience of about 100 participants. Later on the same day together with the event's working group he visited the Albufera Natural Park and communicated the activities of ECOPOTENTIAL to the administration and personnel, who have expressed keen interest to get more involved in ECOPOTENTIAL actions. Moreover, he was given the chance for a 3.5 minutes video presentation of the project concluding with a 10 minutes oral presentation in front of an audience of more than 60 participants, representing local actors, the European Investment Bank and partners from ongoing H2020 and national projects.

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