ECOPOTENTIAL at the 25th ILTER conference

The 25th International Long Term Ecological Research network (ILTER) conference has taken place in Nantes, France, from Oct 2nd to Oct 4th 2017, combined with the French Zone Atelier biennial Conference.  It focussed on many aspects of the ecological research, including also the socio-economical aspects of ecological research. The purpose of this joint conference has been to bring together scientists, engineers from environmental sciences and social sciences, programme managers and policy makers to exchange knowledge, to share experiences and research results, to discuss the most recent developments and applications on environmental research.
The diversity of the presentations given revealed the great need for a multidisciplinary approach in any of the contexts and of the ecosystems investigated.
A great interest has been devoted to the  study of the anthropogenic impact on global biogeochemical cycle, with a  session aimed at showing how long-term monitoring of ecosystems (and of the critical zone) is crucial not only for a better understanding of ecosystem behaviour and trajectories but also for identifying key processes and feedbacks between the physical, biological and social system components of the biosphere.
ECOPOTENTIAL scientists have taken part to the conference with two oral presentations and one poster by CNR-IGG (IT), one presentation by Technion (IL) and with partners who are active members of the coordination of the ILTER network. Here the link to the programme of the conference and to the abstract book:


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