IIA-CNR conference

IIA-CNR conference sees a great participation of ECOPOTENTIAL researchers

On May 9-10, 2018, the Conference of the Institute of Atmospheric Pollution CNR-IIA  has taken place at the CNR campus in Montelibretti, with a two-day presentation that illustrated the research activities carried out by the Institute.
A great part of the presentations were related to the ECOPOTENTIAL Project, as many CNR researchers  with a key role in ECOPOTENTIAL are part of the CNR-IIA Institute. The institute is active in many European and international project and its director, dr. Nicola Pirrone, is the Italian GEO Principal. The conference has been very rich and varied, spanning from the varous aspects of research on atmospheric pollution (the historical core activities of the institute) to the new manyfold activities on the worldwide monitoring of Mercury (the Global Mercury Observation System) after the coming in force of the Minamata convention, and including the many presentations of the ECOPOTENTIAL researchers, focussing of the e-infrastructures and virtual laboratories and on the use of satellite data for the monitoring of ecosystems, ecosystem functions and servies and land cover changes. The key ECOPOTENTIAL-related talk has been the one of Saverio Vicario, M. Adamo, C. Tarantino, B. Biagi, F. M. Rana, S. Nativi, P. Mazzetti, M. Santoro, C. Bassani, P. Blonda, entitled: Improving future ecosystem benefits through Earth observations (ECOPOTENTIAL): Integrated system for the multi-scale study of ecosystem functions and services in protected areas through OT data in support of GEOSS. The conference has been a key moment to take stock of the situation, to verify where the institute has come so far and what the work of the Institute has produced, but with an eye to the future and the challenges of the coming years.


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