COPERNICUS4REGIONS: launch at the European Parliament


Brussels, EU Parliament (Members’ salon), 22 November 2018

The new COPERNICUS4REGIONS publication will be launched on November 22nd 2018 at the Members’ salon of the EU Parliament in Brussels.
The publication collects success stories about the use of Copernicus data, and Sentinel data in particular, for concrete needs of regional policy making and/or enforcement, ideally on regional responses to EU directives. It describes sound and mature EO-based solutions that effectively respond toregional challenges. four ECOPOTENTIAL – related articles, namely about the use of Earth Observation in the EODESM System and for the management of the Gran Paradiso NP (IT), the Wadden Sea (NL) and Samaria NP (GR) protected areas, have been selected and included  in the COPERNICUS4REGIONS book.

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