ECOPotential in-situ and remote sensing data coordination


ECOPotential in-situ and remote sensing data coordination, internal workshop meeting in Barcelona


26 - 29 April 2016, Barcelona, Spain


•    Aim of the meeting: First in-situ and remote sensing data coordination workshop of ECOPotential for members of WP4/WP5 parallel and joint sessions for a collaboration approach.

•    Participants: Mainly members of WP4 and WP5. Some others are welcome

•    Venue: Networkia Bussiness Center. Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel, 36, Barcelona


In addition to WP4 and WP5 regular teleconferences, a joint WP4 and WP5, the first ECOPotential WP4 and WP5 workshop meeting will take place on 26-29 April 2016 in Barcelona. The workshop will be an internal working meeting focusing on organizing the data collections for the ECOpotential project. The workshop looks for synergies between field based data captured by the Protected Areas and organized and documented in WP5 and the remote sensing products collected and generated in WP4. The workshop will focus on aligning the contributions of both WP work to the storylines that will inspire the developments of the project but also in covering more immediate Protected Area’s needs. The workshop will also consist on individual WP sessions leaded by Dr. Joan Masó (WP4) and Dr. Johannes Peterseil (WP5), and a joint session in order to coordinate efforts and to establish robust working opportunities in the context of the project.

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