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 Coordination and management (WP Leader: A. Provenzale - CNR)


Work package number: WP1 Start Date or Starting Event: Month 1
End Date: Month 48
Work package title Coordination and management (WP Leader: A. Provenzale (CNR), antonello.provenzale[AT]cnr.it)



WP1 is devoted to coordination and management of ECOPOTENTIAL, and will assure smooth progression and effective achievement of project results, facilitating communication among the partners. The Scientific Coordinator and Co-Coordinator provide strategic guidance, ensuring interdisciplinary and efficient exchange between the WP Leaders. The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for all administrative and financial matters. The Coordinators monitor the progression of the different scientific Tasks with the help of the Consortium Coordination Team, acting as the executive committee. WP1 will organize/supervise the annual General Assemblies and the CC meetings, will be in strict contact with the Advisory Board of the project and will guarantee contacts between the European Commission and the Consortium, including the regular reports to EC and the annual update of the risks and corresponding mitigation actions following the GAs. WP1 will manage the project web site, and promote dissemination and exploitation of the main project results in scientific and user-oriented contexts in collaboration with WP12. This WP is responsible for the preparation of the Data Management plan and of the Intellectual Property Rights agreement. WP1 will be in charge of the creation of an Ecosystem Community of Practice and will be responsible of the links between ECOPOTENTIAL and GEO/GEOSS, and particularly the GEO Ecosystem Task. A final conference, involving scientists, stakeholders, policy-makers and international initiatives will be organized at the end of the project in the framework of GEO.

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