2nd International Conference on Forests

2nd International Conference on Forests - Temperate and Boreal Forest Conservation in a rapidly changing world "New scientific findings and implications for future management"

The Bavarian Forest National Park and the University of W├╝rzburg host the 2nd International Conference on Forests, which will take place from 26. to 29.04.2017 in Neusch├Ânau, Germany.

In 2013 the national park started with a first international conference on forest disturbances.This conference was the starting point for many new ideas and collaborations. Herewith, we continue with a conference on forest conservation. Many new insights in ecology of forests grew up in recent years. We aim to summarize and discuss them during the conference in the oldest national park of Germany.
The overarching aim of the conference is to stimulate a critical assessment of the status quo of the different concepts in forest conservation. At the same time - and taking into account the latest developments in conservation research - the following questions will be addressed: What have we learned? What are the challenges for the future? We aim to present an outstanding and inspiring program covering all aspects of conservation in boreal and temperate forests.
So far Prof. David Lindenmayer, Prof. Reed Noss, Prof. Peter Haase and Prof. Lenore Fahrig have agreed to present keynote talks.

For more information concerning the submission of talks and posters, the venue and accommodation, see: http://www.nationalpark-bayerischer-wald.de/nationalpark/forschung/conference_2017/index.htm
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our conference office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.