What better way to understand this important Horizon 2020 project than a simple video? This handcrafted video explains our project through simple animations and a story involving Peter, a protected area manager, and Amy, an ECOPOTENTIAL scientist. The video will take you on a journey through the different ecosystems targeted by ECOPOTENTIAL, explain why and how Earth Observation is used to measure and monitor ecosystems and their services they provide, and how the project will ultimately benefit society.




ECOPOTENTIAL uses Earth Observation and In Situ data for studying ecosystem functions and services in 25 Ecopotential Protected Areas covering all the European biogeographic regions and beyond. The major ecological challenges related to each Protected Area and the tools and models used to address them, are told in a series of narratives (Storylines), described in this new ECOPOTENTIAL video and accompanied by wonderful pictures of the study areas. Enjoy!




This video describes one of the main outputs of the Project: the ECOPOTENTIAL Virtual Laboratory (VLAB). It is a cloud-based virtual platform enabling information access and knowledge generation for the ecosystem science community of practice, where users can access data and information on protected areas and related storylines.




A new open access publication of the ECOPOTENTIAL team introduces a novel framework for assessing climate change vulnerability tailored to freshwater ecosystems. The resulting indices were used to identify priority catchments that facilitate the development of climate change conservation management strategies. Check the video summary of the study, which participated to the Peer Prize for Climate!