ECOPOTENTIAL research on Wadden Sea on the ESA’s website “Sentinel on line”

The research done by ECOPOTENTIAL partner DELTARES in the Wadden Sea has been reported in the ESA website “Sentinel On Line”. It reports about the use of 3D-biogeophyiscal process-based or Bayesian Networks - which are probabilistic models - to investigate ecological structures behind shifting trends and to induce management strategies, and the importance of using Sentinel data to feed the model as they provide information at high spatial and temporal resolution . Alex Ziemba, researcher at Deltares, explains: "Data from the Copernicus Sentinels are bringing critical information, useful for various aspects of coastal monitoring – Copernicus Sentinel-1 for erosion and shoreline tracking, while Copernicus Sentinel-3 for ocean colour products."

You can read the full article here:

caption of the image:
Title: Delft-3D model gridding within the Wadden Sea
Description: An overlay of the Delft-3D model grid utilised for investigations of the Wadden Sea. The grid extends in the depth direction in 12 dynamic layers dependant upon the depth of each of the grid cells.
Copyright: Model grid generated and utilised by Deltares