Doñana Storyline Workshop

Seville, 4-6 April 2017

We are organizing a workshop on the Doñana Storyline (O3 - Conserving dynamic wetlands under combined global, regional and local stressors) in Doñana National Park (Spain), that will take place in Seville on Tuesday 4th April 2017. The meeting will be followed by a field visit to Doñana National Park on Wednesday 5th April.

The aim of the meeting is to develop further the storyline, facilitate coordination among partners already involved (CERTH, DLR, UNSW), and facilitate the participation of new partners that can collaborate in knowledge gaps that have been identified. This meeting follows an internal (EBD-CSIC team) workshop in which we have developed a mind map for the storyline and also a Group Model Building exercise to establish research priorities.

On Thursday 6th April there will be a stakeholders meeting in Doñana National  Park in which we will start working with potential users, National Park Administration among others, on EO tools that will be developed within ECOPOTENTIAL in the framework of the storyline. Interested ECOPOTENTIAL partners are invited to attend, but be aware that the working language of this stakeholder meeting will be Spanish to facilitate stakeholder participation.