Land Cover Change Workshop

From 6 to 12 February a Workshop on the use of GIS in the analysis of change from Remote Sensing for the Protected Areas of ECOPOTENTIAL is taking place in the Sede Boker campus of Ben Gurion University, Israel, for interested partners.  The workshop is primarily based on open-source codes (presenting an overview of several open source software options, and focusing in particular in QGis and the MOLUSCE plugin), and some applications on the ArcGIS software (with the Land Change Modeler software) has been demonstrated.

A hands-on workshop, with QGIS, has been organised, allowing participants to step through the procedure themselves, assisted by Prof Arnon Karnieli and his PhD students Noa Ohana, Micha Silver and Anna Zanchetta.

The meeting is also an occasion to discuss the Har HaNegev storyline (A1) and the study on Changes in the Protected Areas.
On Thursday 9, an excursion in the Negev desert has been organized, including the rock paintings in Lifa, a family farm, Ein Ma'arif, the Avdat ancient city, a bedouin settlement and the astonishing Mitzpe Ramon.