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 Cross-scale interaction (WP Leader: A. Walz - UP)


Work package number: WP8 Start Date or Starting Event: Month 8
End Date: Month 45
Work package title

Cross-scale interaction (WP Leader: A. Walz (UP), ariane.walz[AT]uni-potsdam.de)


The overall aim of WP8 is to develop and implement a suite of methods for spatial and temporal cross-scale analysis of ecosystem indicators and services. Specific objectives include:

• Develop a suite of downscaled climate, land use and oceanic change scenarios for selected PAs as an input to simulations on local scale.

• Develop a suite of geo-statistical upscaling methods to extend knowledge on ecosystem status (i.e. biotic and abiotic ecosystem indicators) and ecosystems service provisioning (including demands) beyond PAs (from WP6 and WP7) using EO data (from WP3, WP4).

• Assimilate EO data to improve large process-based terrestrial and marine ecosystem models and quantify model uncertainty on local in situ data.

• Deduce indicators for current ecosystem states and services monitoring at the pan-European scale through the application of process models.

• Assess the impact of downscaled future land-use and climate change scenarios on ecosystem indicators and services for selected PAs and pan-European scale and the related uncertainties using process-based models.

Download here the updates of the progresses in WP8 (last update February 2018)