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 Capacity building and knowledge exchange (WP Leader: I. Geijzendorffer - TdV)


Work package number: WP12 Start Date or Starting Event: Month 1
End Date: Month 48
Work package title

Capacity building and knowledge exchange (WP Leader: I. Geijzendorffer - TdV)


An essential ingredient for enhancing the use of EO tools for the protection and management of present and future protected areas is to enable and enhance participation, knowledge and skills of all players, from scientists, stakeholders to citizens. The goal of WP12 is to build capacity, in particular among practitioners and in scientist practitioner interaction, to make the best use of results from EO-based tools in land management, planning and monitoring, thus contributing to improving the science-practice interface, linking closely with all WPs and especially WP11. This will be achieved through a wide range of innovative tools and products (in particular aiming to provide information about targeted PAs), targeting PA staff, scientists, students and citizens at large. WP12 is responsible for the development and update of the plan for exploitation of results, and for supporting openaccess and open-data policies, in strict collaboration with WP1 and WP11.

Download here the updates of the progresses in WP12 (last update February 2018)