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 Conceptual Scientific Framework (WP Leader: H. Pereira - MLU)


Work package number: WP2 Start Date or Starting Event: Month 1
End Date: Month 48
Work package title Conceptual Scientific Framework (WP Leader: H. Pereira (MLU)

The overall aim of WP2 is to develop a unified conceptual framework linking EO (WP3, WP4) and in situ monitoring data (WP5) to develop and distil a set of Variables which are Essential for conceptual description and modelling of ecosystem status, functions (WP6), services (WP7) and future scenarios (WP8). Such conceptual framework and its emerging Essential Variables will be fundamental for the broader research community, as well as help SMEs create products and services for interlinking EO data with the needs of PA managers and create jobs in the field of monitoring and application of EO data in PAs. Parallel to this endeavour, WP2 will focus on integrating basic issues related to Complex Adaptive Systems, Critical Zone and Panarchy conceptual schemes that address landscape-ecosystem dynamics, with the aim of identifying Essential Variables characterizing ecological interactions across scales (WP8) and are directly or indirectly related to the provision of ecosystem services. Finally, theoretical questions related to uncertainty propagation across scales will be considered and these activities will form a unified conceptual basis for developing a pan-European view of ecosystem status, dynamics and services across scales. Partners involved in GEO BON, GEO Ecosystem and GOOS will closely cooperate in this WP for the development of variables that are essential for PA management.

Specifically, WP2 will:

• Review of the relevant theories, concepts, aims and data backgrounds of existing Essential Variables.

• Distil a set of Essential Variables relevant and feasible for the modelling of ecosystem performance within PAs.

• Develop a conceptual framework for the analysis of Macro-ecosystems, focusing on cross-scale interactions in complex adaptive landscapes that include joint hydro-geo-ecological dynamics, in order to identify the most appropriate Essential Variables to characterize cross-scale interactions.

• Develop a theory based conceptual framework to integrate and develop Essential Variables derived from the integration of situ monitoring with EO data, including the monitoring of human activities, essential for monitoring and management of ecosystems services status and change.

Download here the updates of the progresses in WP2 (last update February 2018)