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 EO-based Ecosystem Modelling (WP Leader: G. Ziv - UNIVLEEDS)


Work package number: WP6 Start Date or Starting Event: Month 6
End Date: Month 42
Work package title

EO-based Ecosystem Modelling (WP Leader: G. Ziv (UNIVLEEDS), g.ziv[AT]leeds.ac.uk)


The overall aim of WP6 is to develop and demonstrate ecosystem monitoring methodologies using diverse, interoperating, multi-scale and multi-temporal EO combined with in-situ data operating at individual sites.

Specifically, WP6 will:

• Develop, validate and apply a range of EO-data based conceptual, correlative and mechanistic (process-based) models within mountains, arid and coastal/marine ecosystems.

• Explore different pathways to utilize EO data for cost-effective ecosystem monitoring.

• Prototype online data services for ecosystem indicators and supply of ecosystem service using data-assimilation of EO and in-situ data.

Download here the updates of the progresses in WP6 (last update February 2018)